Color Grading Tests

Recently I went out on a very cold day in January with my lovely fiancee to do a bit of test shooting in an effort to push around footage to create a series of Horror Film looks in DaVinci Resolve.  While none of these a groundbreakingly interesting they do show how far you can push around a the SLOG3 files out of the Sony A6300.

Witch LOG.jpg

The LOG file can be fairly jarring to look at untouched. I recently had a producer almost have a breakdown because I didn't adequately prepare them for the look of the raw footage.  When you load up two days of shooting and everything is dark, grey, and noisy,  it's a lot to take in.  Especially when you've been looking at the internally corrected gamma on set.

In an attempt I tried a number of different methods to create an over all horror movie vibe.  Each going with a different style, some inspired by great photographers others by moods.

Witch 4.jpg

The first look was inspired by some images I saw from Eduard Steichen,  while I backed off how extreme that look is, the essence of the look is still there.  His landscape work has an early dawn, loneliness which the cool greens definitely help inspire.

Witch 1.jpg

This second look was more of more of a faded photograph look.  Much like old home photographs  from the 70's or 80's after a few decades of fading.

This was much more of a contemporary Ring style look, cold and empty.  This style most closely represents the weather we were filming in.

This last shot is attempting more of a ENR process with the pitch blacks and the blown out highlights.  A slightly punchier Sepia look.

Each of these looks were just variations on a feeling I wanted to convey of foreboding or otherworldliness.  I will put more up as I create it.  This is my first real blog so I am going to try to be better that grotesquely sporadic about posting.