Monday Motivation

As with any journey, making headway in doing what you you love is fraught with doubts.  Along the way there are moments of even subtle despair. Moments when you don't know if you're good enough. I'm sure like anyone it come before the start of a project. A reflexive humbling, if you will. 

I found this great little snippet from an interview with Anthony Dod Mantle DFF ASC BSC about starting out in the industry.

It's just a small pick me up for people who worry that they're not moving fast enough or that time has passed them by. Here's a man who has shot some great films, who started at 35, and is still making great work. 

Just like the work week it is only just starting. Go, shoot, don't bit off more than you can chew. Forgive mistakes you've made. Keep on plugging.

Also if you are a shootwe and don't follow Cooke Optics TV, do that now. Their channel is a great source of inspiration and usually enough to get the wheels spinning. Never long winded and always fulfilling.