Mistake Series

OUI Productions

1ST & 2ND EPISODE PREMIERE OF#MISTAKESERIES SUBSCRIBE & SPREAD THE WORD OF #MistakeSeries ! Written by: Nicolette Ellis Produced by: OUI Productions Directors: Kendall Glaspie, Felisha George, Spencer Slishman, Tari Wariebi Director of Photography: Darrell Ayer MUSIC: EPISODE 1- "Where do we go from here" Jules and The Jinks "Sundays" by PhillmySoul "Real Like" by Ava Hovanka (feat Kapsure) EPISODE 2- "Shining" by Matt McGhee "14U" by Ava Hovanka "Late" by Brittany Campbell "Lost" by Joshua Howard FOLLOW US ON: https://www.instagram.com/mistakeseries/ LIKE US ON: https://www.facebook.com/MistakeSerie...



Supawave Osbourne - Left Shoes music produced by Supawave Osbourne Flawless Tracks video directed by Alex Mercado http://www.instagram.com/alexmercadodesign http://mercadoart.tumblr.com director of photography Darrell Ayer animation by Mark Phillips with tamar lopez, Heloise Wilson, George, Tro


Strangers that meet on a night in New York find that the less they know about each other, the more they learn about themselves. Heloise Wilson Sergio Villalpando written by Heloise Wilson director of photography Darrell Ayer directed by Alex Mercado


A young man struggles to keep his younger sister from falling into the foster system while selfishly pursuing his ambition to become a film actor.


Roy, a successful businessman, pays a visit to David, his ne'er-do-well brother, on the night of their father's death. But Roy isn't all that he seems to be and his confession of a dark family secret could change both their lives forever.

The Love of my Life

A short film about a young couple that has a rare moment of love at first sight. Through their ups and downs they come to realize they have found the love of their life.