Mistake Series

OUI Productions

1ST & 2ND EPISODE PREMIERE OF#MISTAKESERIES SUBSCRIBE & SPREAD THE WORD OF #MistakeSeries ! Written by: Nicolette Ellis Produced by: OUI Productions Directors: Kendall Glaspie, Felisha George, Spencer Slishman, Tari Wariebi Director of Photography: Darrell Ayer MUSIC: EPISODE 1- "Where do we go from here" Jules and The Jinks "Sundays" by PhillmySoul "Real Like" by Ava Hovanka (feat Kapsure) EPISODE 2- "Shining" by Matt McGhee "14U" by Ava Hovanka "Late" by Brittany Campbell "Lost" by Joshua Howard FOLLOW US ON: https://www.instagram.com/mistakeseries/ LIKE US ON: https://www.facebook.com/MistakeSerie...



Produced By Flawless Tracks Video

Directed By Alex Mercado


Full Film Coming Soon

Two strangers find that the more they learn about each other, the less they know themselves.


A young man struggles to keep his younger sister from falling into the foster system while selfishly pursuing his ambition to become a film actor.


Roy, a successful businessman, pays a visit to David, his ne'er-do-well brother, on the night of their father's death. But Roy isn't all that he seems to be and his confession of a dark family secret could change both their lives forever.

The Love of my Life

A short film about a young couple that has a rare moment of love at first sight. Through their ups and downs they come to realize they have found the love of their life.