Darrell Ayer

 The Visuals you want to tell your Story.


New York City.

Having grown up with a love for New York and it's many cameos in film, Darrell finally moved out of it's shadow and into it's light.  Thru photography and exploring the city streets and nightlife.  Exploring the places and people that had shaped his life in fiction.

Lets get it moving.

 Still photography wasn't fulfilling the need to create.  It was time to return to the moving image.  A childhood fueled on an intense interest in the mechanics of how films were made.  From the illusion of movement to the creating world with miniatures.  Creating stories that allowed people to become anything.  


After exploring a few routes in the craft of filmmaking Darrell found his real calling: The lighting cameraman.  Of all the jobs in the filmmaking process, visuals were always where he gravitated.   The choices in the process and the important role that requires a knowledgeable collaborator.


On your project, you are only as good as your team.  You need to know that a person will be there to fight for your work and want it to be better.  To bring the most value to the smallest projects.  From music videos to features, you can trust that what people will see is the best.


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